Pocket P.C.

Pocket P.C. 3D Prints Have Arrived!

The latest 3D Prints of Pocket P.C. to proof the mechanical CAD design have arrived. This will help us check to see if we have the correct dimensions for the PCB, battery and display. Please take a look and let us know what you think in our Popcorn Computer Community.

Black Front View
Black Isometric View
Black Top Isometric View
Black Exploded View
Black Bottom Inside View
Black Back Cover
White Front
White Isometric View
White Top Isometric View
White Exploded View
White Bottom Inside View
White Back Cover

Pocket P.C.

Pocket P.C. crowdfund hits 75% raised

Pocket P.C. – Linux in your pocket for hackers on the go

This week the Pocket P.C. crowdfunding campaign hit the exciting milestone of three-quarters funding. We are gracious for the support of over 180 backers who are excited about defining the future of Linux handhelds!

Pocket P.C.

The Road To Pocket P.C.

We have an exciting update for you and have a lot of developments to share with you. We thank you all for waiting so patiently.