A first look at Pocket P.C., Booting PostmarketOS, Arch Linux and more

Hello again and welcome to another update!

After a shipping delay earlier in November caused by a DHL slow down due to the high volume of packages in their warehouses, reviewers and developers are now finally receiving their units.

We were planning to get this update out on December 1st but were waiting to hear back from the wireless certification testing house. We are still waiting for their results so instead of delaying this update any further, we will send another update later this month when the results arrive.

Initial Reviews

Chris Fisher over at Linux Unplugged received a prototype unit recently.

He talked a bit about it during the beginning of the latest Linux Unplugged episode.

Chris is going to dive deeper into reviewing Pocket P.C. next week.

A few other people have received review units and are waiting for more software images to be established so they can put the units through their paces.


Martijn Braam, a core developer of PostMarketOS, in less than 24 hours after receiving his unit was able to get PostMarketOS booting on Pocket P.C.

Martijn wrote a first look article on Pocket P.C. for Tuxphones.

IdleHax on Discord was able to get Arch Linux booting on the unit.


We have set up a Wiki so that we can document development and production progress, hardware revisions, various software quirks and a list of Linux distributions that work on our hardware. We are working on adding content daily.

Mass Production of Pocket P.C.

With the mold modified last month, we will start mass production of the plastics this month. We will be on site to take video of the first few plastics to be produced and inspect them. Expect to see that in an upcoming update later this month.

The last step before we start Mass Production is Production Validation Test (PVT). In order to kick off PVT, we need to get feedback on EMI testing and FCC certification from the wireless certification house, which as mentioned earlier, has still not arrived. It has taken longer than expected because we had to ship an SD card to Taiwan where the testing house is located. Based on feedback from them, they wanted to run a certain test that was not available on the SD card we originally sent them with the test unit. We expect the results shortly according to our communications with them.

We are making all efforts to ensure that all aspects of the project beside the PCBA, such as packaging, test fixtures and plastics, are in place so that when the PCBAs are ready they can be assembled and we can ship out the units to you as quickly as possible.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and we will update you again shortly as we approach completion of our long journey.

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